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graphic design presents
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In the midst of the pandemic, this class of designers had to reshape our perspective, reevaluate our priorities, and remember all of the things that kept us motivated. We were forced to separate and spread out across the globe, but we didn’t let that kill our spirit. The time apart from our peers energized us and inspired individuality. It gave us the opportunity to explore the disciplines of design, and find our niche.

Although we lacked the support system of a traditional in-person learning experience, we were able to grow as designers through intuition and the incentive of success. We found new ways to work as a team and created lasting connections through our new digital classroom.  This group of 21 students’ resilience, independence, and creativity allowed us to flourish off grid and create this incredible body of work.


Shirleen Ahn
Daniel Christie
Marcos Fregoso
Olivia Gamart
Erin Hansen
Claire Helmer
Nicole Kieva
Mijin Kim
Michal Korol
Andy Liu
Nathanael Minarik
Yoshiko Mizushima
Kathleen Nguyen
Cary Oba
Shawn Ortega
Eric Pak
Mansi Shah
Emanuel Tostado
Maria Tostado
Heather Vais
Federico Yniguez
Thank you to everyone who helped make this show possible and to those of you who supported us through this whole process.

We hope you've enjoyed our show!