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Originally from Trujillo, Peru, Cristian Chavez is an Orange County based designer that focuses on UX/UI, branding, and packaging. As a designer, he adds a clean and timeless design to his work but can also access his experimental side allowing for interesting and unique pieces. Additionally, Cristian has an interest in technology, horror, and gaming which are not only his hobbies but also inspires his design approach.

What does your Visions logo mean to you?

Ever since my first gameboy, I have always loved playing video games. It has helped me out with many aspects of my life and brought so much joy during those years. This is why I designed a retro look to pay homage to the beginning of video games and those early years while also symbolizing the beginning of a new stage in my life. As I graduate and head off to the world there is uncertainty in the future but with my logo having a bright glowing neon design, it reflects my optimistic side knowing that my future will be bright.

What project are you the most proud of and why?

The project that I am most proud of is the Stranger and Stranger project. The basis behind this project was to create two tiers of packaging, a high tier and medium tier. Both bottles reflected their price with the medium tier being a bottle for the average consumer while the other reflected a high end luxurious bottle. This became my proudest project because of how much trial and error I had to go through to create each bottle, especially the high-end one. It got me out of my comfort zone, where I had to learn a whole new program with a limited amount of time to make a 3D model of the bottle and incorporate these textured materials to make the bottle as realistic as possible, and the result was a project that I am proud to share.

How has your work developed since the beginning of the BFA program?

Before the BFA program my design style was more minimal with little detail to no detail. But during my journey through the program I was taught the intensive processes that go into every design medium, whether it be UX/UI, motion, packaging, etc. This allowed me to not only further my skill set and experiment with my work, adding more detail and meaning behind each design choice.

When did you know you wanted to study graphic design?

Funnily enough Graphic Design wasn’t even on my radar when I was first looking for a career choice. I didn't think I could pursue this as a profession since my knowledge during that time was very limited to what occupations were out there. It wasn’t until my graphic design teacher, back in high school, inspired me to pursue it as an option. I can’t thank her enough for pushing me to pursue this career.