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Jazzarie Lo is a graphic designer, illustrator, and multimedia artist from Cerritos who loves print and digital design, packaging, UX/UI, and art direction. She has a small art shop named ‘soft bean shop’ and also does freelance graphic design work on the side. Jazzarie would describe her design work as cute, playful, and charged with energy, while her illustrative work spins that style in a more introspective, thoughtful direction.

What does your Visions logo mean to you?

This logo design represents the bold, yet emotionally vulnerable side of me that is often a positive influence to my friends whom I hold close and dear. I’m often identified as a positive, uplifting, and motivational person, which shows through the varied orientation of the letterforms within my logo and its offset, colorful shadows. The stars add a quirky personality, while also symbolic of hope and guidance. It’s playful and fun, yet comforting.

Outside of graphic design, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy working with different mediums of art. These days I particularly work on crochet and illustration. I occasionally dabble in other mediums like painting, sewing, ceramics, printmaking, and polymer clay. I also like to learn languages, listen to music, play games, and watch true crime documentaries in my free time.

What are some songs/artists that help you get shit done?

BTS, Indigo la End/Gesu/Enon Kawatani, slchld, Billie Eilish, Thornapple, NELL, Takayan BTS in particular, other than being a significant artist in my life as a whole, I fondly remember ‘7’ being the album that supported me through the time I was applying to the BFA.

What is the dream project for you?

Since I constantly love to learn new and different art mediums, a dream project for me involves the interconnection of several mediums I’ve learned. One day I hope to create a bookbinding project that combines graphic design, paint/illustration, and fiber.