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Lexie Williamson is a designer based in Pasadena, California. She is passionate about exploring different perspectives, collaborating with other creatives and giving back to her community. She specializes in branding, art direction and packaging design. After starting her career with a non-profit, she gained experience with other companies including Snap Inc. and Enso Collaborative.

What does your Visions logo mean to you?

The brush strokes represent the push and pull of our current experiences. We remain calm in the present as we ebb and flow through our everyday life. This keeps us centered and helps us navigate life while not getting caught up in what may or may not happen.

What is the dream project for you?

A dream project of mine would be to create a full immersive experience for a brand or company I enjoy.

What advice do you have for the next generation of designers?

With enough dedication and persistence you don’t need to go to a fancy design school to get ahead in your career. Reach out to people who inspire you and listen to their experiences and expertise.

What's your favorite fast food chain?

The first answer that comes to mind is Taco Bell. But it would probably be In-N-Out if the line wasn’t so long.