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Peter Emmanuel is a motion & graphic designer from Orange County, with an obsession for entertainment and fashion. He is constantly thinking about what’s next and is optimistic about the future. He brings a compassionate exuberant characteristic to any atmosphere along with his contagious smile. Inspired by his Hispanic culture, Spanish music, and interest in 3D art, he displays characteristics of tenacious work. Peter is a unique person who enjoys making connections and isn’t afraid to strike a conversation. So don’t be shy and say hi.

What does your Visions logo mean to you?

The Vision logo is used in a Serif font to give a touch of elegance yet futuristic look with its transparent detail color. Giving a sense of reflectance of light, structure, and boldness.

When did you know you wanted to study graphic design?

When being a doctor didn’t work out, lol. Bruh, chemistry was hard! Growing up, I’ve always had a sense of creativity it wasn’t until sophomore year that I decided to take a leap of faith and dive into art with no prior knowledge. I wanted to seek a career where art can be flexible and my art and I can evolve and change over time.

What is the dream project for you?

A dream project of mine is to work for Beyonce and Rosalía. Specifically her concert, music video album, and creative ads for her.

What inspires you creatively?

What inspires me is music; it has a fundamental place in my heart. Raised in a family of musicians and entertainers, I’ve always had a passion for entertainment. Music videos are a large part of what inspires me to create. I spend a large amount of time watching music videos, concerts, and social media ads for artists.