Our journey as a cohort began in a time of uncertainty, testing our resilience while revealing the strength of our community. Together, we have endured hardship and celebrated success. Through our collaborative vision of creativity and determination, we came together to create an eclectic shared universe that celebrates our diversity, our accomplishments, and our collective imagination. SCOPE reflects who we are as individuals, offering our eye for design, ideas, knowledge, perspective, and identity. With this graduating show, we present to you our most authentic selves. We invite you to SCOPE, our pocket of the universe where twenty-six worlds come together as one.
Friday, May 12
4 PM — 9 PM
Saturday, May 13
12 PM — 5 PM


Joey Abe

Lauryn Alejo

Louise Bainco

Natalie Barr

Joanna Chatouphonexay

Yun Jeong Choi

Krista Corkos

Ashley Dang

Jennifer Enciso

Leylia Hong

Halli Kim

Paulina Masley

Kelley Nghe

Phillip Nguyen

Ruby Orozco

Emily Pai

Ashley Pan

Eunice Park

Angie Rayo

Eleana Szeto

Amy Tea

Anh Tran

Thu Tran

Huong Quynh Vo

Cynthia Warren

Amanda Yao

Dedicated to Amanda Yao,
who brought our cohort so many laughs and inspired us to be better designers. Thanks for all the boba, and unforgettable memories.