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Jordan Carr is a dad mostly. Born and raised in Long Beach, Jordan has a cool wife, 2 fun kids, and 2 bad dogs. He has worked various careers all while maintaining a love affair with graphic design.He loves skateboarding and making things when he is not in front of a computer screen.He is scared of working in an office, so his eventual goal is to open his own design studio.

What does your Visions logo mean to you?

This logo is a confluence of inspirations and styles. The type is influenced by a vintage oil drum. The frame is a nod to traditional turn of the century design and the distressed nature of the logo comes from the toll the desert sun takes on anything left out in it. I wanted to look back at where I have been and forward to where I am going.

Who creatively inspires you and your work?

Currently, artists and designers I am inspired by include: Hoodzpah, Young Jerks, LAND, and Paul Octavious. I am also inspired by historical artists such as Saul Bass, Raymond Pettibon, Ed Templeton, and my late grandmother Barbara Carr who influenced me greatly.

What advice do you have for the next generation of designers?

Know about trends and participate in them if it suits you but always let your own style show through. Really learn who you are as a designer.

Outside of graphic design, what do you enjoy doing?

I really enjoy skateboarding with my fifteen-year-old son and am currently getting my one-year old into it too. Other than that I enjoy printmaking, vintage cars, and eating good food.