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Krista is a designer and painter from Bellflower. Her experience includes interning with CSULB’s Office of Sustainability, UHP’s Honor Code magazine, and doing field work with the school’s avian ecology lab. Her goal is to eventually do graphic design for conservation agencies and to create data visualizations and infographics. She loves camping, hanging out with her dogs, and spending time with her growing collection of leaves.

What does your Visions logo mean to you?

The letterforms in my logo are based on the thorny stems of roses because I wanted to make something that was sharp but still kinda wispy. I like taking things that are soft and beautiful and combining them with things that are more rugged and aggressive. Choosing rose stems, it became kinda symbolic because the thorns are painful but they’re protective of the plant. Working with that type of duality and things on extreme ranges of each other is important to me too because it’s like a reminder that we can have it all and don’t need to choose.

What is the biggest challenge you've faced and how did you overcome it?

Art feeling like a chore rather than a creative outlet was difficult. Finding other ways to rest was really helpful.

What is the dream project for you?

My dream project would be creating bio boxes for all the animals at a zoo or all the plants in a botanical garden, but they give me total creative freedom. It’s info-heavy, I can come up with a template for each one, find ways to break the template, learn about the stuff I’m designing for, create a bunch of assets, and maybe do some paintings. So it would tickle my design brain trying to figure out how to make all these different parts work like a puzzle, but I get to be creative and colorful with it. That or any project for a musical artist I enjoy, like vinyl sleeves or motion graphic lyric videos.

What is your hot take or unpopular opinion?

We need more bad art. You don’t need to be “good” at stuff to enjoy it, just vibe.